The Tencent WeChat module integrates WeChat Official Account Admin Platform
( with Drupal.

This module is under heavy development.

Features are separated into submodules.

Submodules and Features

Tencent WeChat SDK module

Load the SDK/Library

Tencent WeChat Binding module

User account binding with WeChat OpenId.

  • Binding from Drupal side by scan QR Code.
  • Binding form WeChat App by click a custom menu.
  • Supports auto login.

Tencent WeChat User module

WeChat Public Platform Account user Management. Batch syncing. Required by Tencent WeChat Binding module.

Tencent WeChat Menu module

Manage and create custom menu for WeChat Official Account.

  • Normal custom menu.
  • Personalized custom menu.

Tencent WeChat Message module

Request message and response message management.

Cron queue used.


  • Make sure Multi-byte UTF-8 support is available. The WeChat user may use emoji in Nickname, if Multi-byte UTF-8 was not supported, an error will be thrown when sync/update the WeChat Public Platform user account.



Option #1

Option #2

  • Install the Tencent WeChat SDK submodule.
  • Configure Tencent WeChat settings in Administration » Configuration » Tencent WeChat.
  • Customize the Tencent WeChat menu settings in Administration » Taxonomy » Tencent WeChat Public Platform Account Menu
  • View Tencent WeChat request/response messages in Administration » Content » Tencent WeChatMessage
  • Access Tencent WeChat Binding page in My Account » Tencent WeChat Account Binding.

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If you encounter error with errcode 40164 and error message contains invalid ip x.x.x.x

Are you added your/the server's IP address x.x.x.x in whitelist by logged in

If Newsletter enabled, install Tencent WeChat Menu module will encounter error likes below:

FieldException: Attempt to create an instance of a field field_tencent_wechat_menu that doesn't exist or is currently inactive. in field_create_instance() (line 476 of /var/www/dev/modules/field/

Disable the Newsletter module temporarily may fix it or try to apply this patch (Or visit issue #2340511)


Drupal 8 version will be developed as soon as possible after the Drupal 7 version becomes stable.

Wechat (Drupal微信模块), Similar features, different WeChat SDK, and different ways to implement.


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