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The Telvue project includes 5 modules. The main Telvue API modules includes functions to leverage the Telvue API on a video playback server, but does nothing on it's own.

This module is co-maintained by Stefan Wray (stefanwray) of channelAustin in Austin, TX as part of the CMDrupal project. It is designed to be used with other modules included in the Community Media Start Kit (Difficult). Consider joining the growing community who have made a commitment to contribute.
  • Telvue Blocks - Adds blocks for some commonly used features like Now Playing
  • Telvue Show Fields - Feature that adds commonly used fields to a Show including duration, episone, .
  • Telvue Push - Adds a 'Push to Telvue' Button to the Show form, a View Bulk Operation, and option to Push on Save. Once a Show's metadata has been Pushed to Telvue, the Telvue Program ID is saved and used to keep the Show node and Telvue program synchronized.

Related modules:
Feeds: Telvue - Defines custom psg namespace used in Airings so psg: elements can be mapped to fields in Feeds.
Media: Cloudcast - Adds support for Cloudcast to Media

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