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Telekonsum is a preconfigured and ready-to-run Drupal Commerce distribution with a lot of features and a strong focus on european ecommerce needs. It aims to be simple and a complete ecommerce package from product management to invoicing.

Some core features

  • Mobile friendly navigation bar for administration
  • Integrated Appstore
  • Basic product display
  • Product packages "clothes"
  • Invoicing & invoice API
  • Coupons
  • Discounts
  • Stock management
  • Preconfigured rules
  • Preconfigured messaging
  • German language pack

Apps available

  • Recurring payments & subscriptions

German translation files for Drupal Commerce

You can also use only the german translation files from Telekonsum for your existing Drupal Commerce project. Download the translation files from

Sponsored and maintained by Kommune3.

Feel free to contact us in any kind of service requests.

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