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This project is unsupported due to a licensing issue the maintainer didn’t fix. See #2553897: Policy Violation: 3rd party materials in TB Sirate Git repo for details.

If you want to use this project your options are:

  • Choose another, actively maintained project instead
  • File an issue in the queue with a patch to fix the project and then contact the LWG to have your version reviewed and the project handed over to you following the unsupported project process.

UPDATE 09 July 2013: User guide for TB Sirate is now available at

UPDATE 29 May 2013: TB Sirate now has TB MegaMenu built-in! Check out our new module TB Megamenu here

UPDATE 5 January 2013: TB Sirate received a face lift and is now fully responsive.

Impress your business partners with a well-organized, an informative online profile and a professional look. Clean layout and light weight code make TB Sirate becomes a great theme for small, medium-sized businesses or big corporations to get up and run quickly. TB Sirate features as a sub-theme of Drupal Nucleus.

Explore and see how powerful Nucleus could be.
Learn more about Nucleus -

Installation Profile available

If you want to build a quick Drupal site which looks exactly like our theme, visit our Drupal themes page and download the installation profile. No registration required!

Or you can visit Drupal page for TB Sirate Starter here


Complete how-to-guide is now available


Nucleus base theme


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