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This is an installation profile provided by for it's free TB Blog theme

If you want to download the theme only, you can get it from the TB Blog project site.

The installation profile replicates exactly the site and content like in the demo hosted on

Morel free themes and installation profiles?

List of all free themes
Name Installtion Profile Project Demo
TB Sirate TB Sirate Starter TB Sirate Theme TB Sirate Demo
TB Blog TB Blog Starter TB Blog Theme TB Blog Demo
TB Rave TB Rave Starter TB Rave Theme TB Rave Demo
TB Methys TB Methys Starter TB Methys Theme TB Methys Demo
TB Events TB Events Starter TB Events Theme TB Events Demo
TB Purity TB Purity Starter TB Purity Theme TB Purity Demo
TB Neris TB Neris Starter TB Neris Theme TB Neris Demo
TB Mollise TB Mollise Starter TB Mollise Theme TB Mollise Demo
TB Simply TB Simply Starter TB Simply Theme TB Simply Demo
TB Hadelis TB Hadelis Starter TB Hadelis Theme TB Hadelis Demo
TB Palicico TB Palicico Starter TB Palicico Theme TB Palicico Demo


If you want to build the site from scratch without the installation profile, our user guides for our premium themes are pretty similar you can check it out and build the content accordingly.

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