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Advanced Taxonomy Blocks makes use of the JQuery menu module to create extremely customizable blocks for browsing through single hierarchy taxonomies. Though the taxonomy menu module does something similar, if you use this module you will see that they are in fact entirely different in their approach.

Unlike taxonomy menu which directly ties the menus into the Drupal menu system, Advanced Taxonomy Blocks doesn't touch the menu system at all and therefore allows much more flexibility. This module ships with two default blocks: A block with all of the enabled vocabularies displayed by default (this can be customized to show only certain vocabularies) and a Forum block (I went ahead and threw this in since forums are built with taxonomy).

In addition to the two default blocks new blocks can be created with total control over which vocabularies are included, the path patterns (using pseudo tokens such as taxonomy/term/%tid ) that will be used (set per vocabulary per block) and much more. The beauty of being able to control the path in such a fine tuned manner is that you can create multiple blocks using the same vocabulary that send the links to different views (which would in turn receive the tid as an argument). You can also set each vocabulary within the block to show either a node count for all content types, or for only one particular content type, or no count at all.

Advanced Taxonomy Blocks is designed to work with single hierarchy taxonomies, which is to say that if terms have more than one parent I don't know how it will display (I have never tried it).

Dependencies: JQuery menu module Version 1.8 or higher, Core taxonomy module.

**** IMPORTANT ***********************************************************************
Anyone upgrading to any version lower than 2.0 needs to visit update.php as there has been a table alteration.

The 2.4 + Release has several new features including:

  • A whole new set of tokens that can be inserted into the path pattern such as %termname, %vocabname, %vid, %nid, %useruid, %nodeuid, %nodetype and even a %arg() token which operates just like the arg() function. So for example you could add argument 1 to you path by using %arg(1).
  • The forum block now works in a much more practical way.
  • The 2x branch in general has more options for chosing how nodes are counted and how links are displayed in relation to nodes that have been tagged with the term itself or a child term.

Please do not post issues for dev releases. I don't use the dev version for the latest version of the code except in specific circumstances.

Documentation for this module can be viewed at

Drupal 7
There was a small amount of work done on a D7 port, but not enough to make it stable or usable. If anyone is interested in taking this on, they would be more than welcome.

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