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This module seamlessly overrides the select box generated by the taxonomy module and renders the terms based on if you are allowing multiple selections or not.

Configuration is very simple, edit the vocabulary and enable the Taxonomy Super Select option.


  • Multiple selection vocabularies show as checkboxes.
  • Single selection terms display as radio buttons.
  • Parent terms display as nested fieldsets
  • Option to display parented terms as form items
  • Ability to control which content types TSS will apply to
  • Works with all hierarchy configurations
  • Free tagging vocabularies are now supported.

Comparison of various Taxonomy module and their pro/cons nicely written out. A few screenshots are available.


There are taxonomy granular permission control modules that we can split in two groups:

Drupal 7

Taxonomy is a big change in D7, and because I (jcisio) haven't used this for any D7 site, I can't initialize the porting process, which will be a complete rewrite. However, there is an alternative:

The porting to D7 issue is postponed #1008912: Port Taxonomy Super Select to D7. There is no ETA.


- Historically written for the benefit of all Drupal users worldwide, and for clients (D5).
- Currently maintained by jcisio (D6).
- Looking for new contributors for D7.

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