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What does this module do?

Imagine this. You got a site with a list of products, and new ones often get added. You also have services and news posts related to one or more products. Those news posts can relate to services, too, and there's often a new service added as well.

Due to the way your site's set, a node reference won't do. The products and services got to be in a vocabulary in your taxonomy.

This is where Taxonomy Nodes becomes useful. Instead of having people add, edit or delete a term to a vocabulary each time a node changes, this module will do that for them.


General installation

Installation is pretty simple. Make sure the Taxonomy module is active (obviously, Taxonomy Nodes is dependant on it). Then just add this module to your site and activate it. It's fully plug'n play!


Because not everybody has to have access to configuring the mappings, this module offers a permission: administer taxonomy nodes. Set this to all the roles that should be able to edit this module's configuration.


Once the module's installed, a new item is added to the Taxonomy menu ( On this page, you can manage the mappings between node types and vocabularies.


Just choose the node type and the vocabulary you want to link and click "Add" to add it. The title of each node of that type will immediately be available as terms in the selected vocabulary. The title of each node of this type made in the future will also be added as a term. And, if a title gets changed, so will the term.


A simple click on the "Delete" button will do to delete a mapping between a node type and a vocabulary. You won't be asked to confirm, so make sure you want it to be gone before you click "delete". This will immediately delete all titles from nodes of the given node type in the given vocabulary, and all links to any node that tagged them, too.

Why can't I edit any mappings?

Editing mappings isn't possible, and this for a very good reason.

Say you got two node types that use tags: news and blog. You mapped products and services to the vocabularies products and services.

News items can be tagged with product titles, and blog posts can be tagged with services.

Now what would happen if you change products to be mapped to the vocabulary services, and services to be mapped to the vocabulary products? Right... everything'll get messed up. There's no way around this, so it's safer to just delete a mapping and create a new one. That way, you won't have any stray tags from vocabularies that don't appear for the node type.


When uninstalling Taxonomy Nodes, all tags as mapped in the module's configuration, and all links between nodes and these tags, will be removed.

Similar modules

Which modules?

Some modules offer similar functionality. These are Node Auto Term and Taxonomy Node (without the s)

How do they compare?

  Taxonomy Nodes Node Auto Term Taxonomy Node
Automatisation High Medium Low
Settings Limited Several Limited
Has its own permissions Yes Yes No
Vocabs can have several types Yes Yes No
When uninstalling Cleans vocabs up Leaves all terms in Leaves all terms in
Taxonomy management None required Required in certain cases Required in certain cases
Drupal knowledge required None Some None

Which one is best for me?

Which one is best for your project really depends on the following factors:

  • Your knowledge of Drupal (and taxonomy in specific)
  • The amount of taxonomy maintenance you want / can do
  • Whether your project specifically defines one-on-one node type - vocabulary relationships or if there's a possibility for many-on-many

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