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term approve

This modules allows to create a basic approval process for taxonomy terms. Taxonomy terms will be only created to the respective vocabulary after the approval. This module has a dependency of Taxonomy modules which is in core.

You use it in Scenario's like this.

* If you needs any approval process for taxonomy term to be created.


* Requires: Taxonomy, Node, Text, Field, Filter, User, System modules.


* To use this module enable it under "Extend".



* Manage the permissions under "admin/people/permissions" and check the role you want to provide "Term approval access".

How to use

* Add a field type "Taxonomy moderator field" and configure the field setting for the same. Make sure that you have the taxonomy field in the same content type configured with the same vocabulary.

* All the suggested terms will get listed under "admin/content/term_approve" which will provide the user an option to approve it.

* After the approval of a term will get added to the respective vocabulary and the field that content type has.

Future Enhancements

* Mail notification on Suggest and the Approval.

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