You need this module if you have a nested menu tree with taxonomy terms, e.g.:

  • Term 1
    • Term 1-1
  • Term 2
    • Term 2-1

And you have a node referring to the term in menu. For example, node refers to the Term 1-1. On the node page you'll see only the first level of menu, because node itself doesn't have a menu item and the menu becomes collapsed:

  • Term 1
  • Term 2

Module solves this problem, so the menu will be expanded to display the term referred by current node:

  • Term 1
    • Term 1-1
  • Term 2

Drupal 6 version.


  • Configurable node types and vocabularies for which module is enabled
  • Can be enabled only for nodes which hasn't its own menu items
  • Configurable node's term selection: First, Last, First with menu, Last with menu, Deepest in lineage
  • Node detection on custom paths
  • Integration with Taxonomy Menu: module uses terms' paths from Taxonomy Menu

Drupal 7 version

Compatibility with Drupal core and custom menus support:

Drupal version Compatible module version Menu Block is required
for custom menus *
7.x-1.x 7.x-2.x
7.0 - 7.8 Yes No Yes
7.9 - 7.11 Yes Yes Yes
7.12+ No Yes No

* Menu Block 7.x-2.2 and earlier can be used to enable active trail for custom menus when using Drupal 7.11 and earlier.


  • Configurable for each node type separately on its settings form. You can select which term reference fields will be used.
  • 3 term selection methods: First, Last, Deepest in menu. First and Last methods are using fields' weight.
  • All methods skip terms without menu item.
  • Entity (node) detection on custom paths
  • Separate active trails for each menu tree.
  • Breadcrumb alteration according to changed active trail.
  • Language aware term negotiation (using Taxonomy Translation module from i18n project)
  • Highly customizable term paths:
    • Default taxonomy/term/[tid] path
    • Path used by Taxonomy Menu module to generate menu
    • Custom term path patterns
    • Hook to customize term paths


  • Support for third-party term reference fields.
  • Support for other entity types (in addition to node).
  • Automated tests for all features.

Please check documentation and FAQ before posting any issues. Feel free to improve it if something is missing.

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