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September 11, 2010:
My original intent for this module was to be able to control the base path and force it to "catalog" to match Ubercart's settings. Since there is now a Taxonomy Menu Vocabulary Path in the core Taxonomy Menu module that achieves this, I am ceasing development in favor of the Taxonomy Menu Vocabulary Path sub-module.

Original description:
This is an add-on module that solves a few issues when using Taxonomy Menu with the Ubercart catalog taxonomy. Namely, that while the sub-menu items for the categories would show the correct link when properly configured, the parent menu item would link to all the category IDs instead of the catalog.
This module is a based on the included Hierarchy path sub-module from Taxonomy Menu (as of 11/19/09, previously was based on Custom path sub-module).

This module works with Taxonomy Menu 6.x-2.4-beta or newer.

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