Taxonomy display configuration form

The taxonomy display module allows administrative configurable term display pages. This allows administrators to override the default presentation of taxonomy term pages per vocabulary through the taxonomy term page's manage display form.

Hook into taxonomy term pages

Taxonomy display exposes three plugin types for modules to overwrite portions of taxonomy term pages by providing their own plugins. These plugins are selectable on a per vocabulary basis, allowing the site administrator to decide which plugins they want to display for each vocabulary. To learn how to provide your own plugins see the developer resources page.

Selectable term displays

  • Core

    • Plays nicely with Display suite.
    • Does not conflict with modules that make use of hook_taxonomy_term_view_alter(), hook_entity_view(), or hook_entity_view_alter().
  • Hidden

Selectable associated content displays

  • Core

    • Set custom no associated content text, passed through t() for translation.
    • Set the number of associated content items to display.
  • Views

    • Select from your active Views to display associated term content.
    • The taxonomy term ID is supplied to the view as an argument.
  • Hidden

Selectable breadcrumb displays

  • Core

    • Outputs breadcrumbs on taxonomy term pages in the same manner core does.
  • Ignore

    • Does not write any breadcrumbs for the page, allowing other modules to do so.
  • Hidden

    • Prevents breadcrumbs from being output on the page.

Selectable feed omission

Administrators have the ability to prevent Drupal's core RSS feed from being attached to taxonomy term pages on a per vocabulary basis. Allowing usage of a custom feed, a feed from Views (or some other source), or no feed at all.

Features exportable

As of the 7.x-1.1 release taxonomy display now supports features exporting

Panels compatible

Use Panels, hate that you can't display your taxonomy term like Panels does nodes? Taxonomy display includes a CTools plugin under the Taxonomy term category that will allow you to embed your configured page display through a panel pane.

Issues getting taxonomy display to work?

If you have properly configured your taxonomy display settings as instructed in the getting started documentation yet your changes are not being seen when viewing a taxonomy term's page please read the known problems documentation.


As of the 7.x-1.1 release taxonomy now requires CTools, which was necessary for adding features exporting.

The Drupal core taxonomy module is of course also needed.

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