Include term references embedded in field collections in the taxonomy index. This module effectively works around #1131872: Fieldcollection items that have a taxonomy field assigned and a term given are not shown on the corresponding taxonomy page.


This module does not provide any configuration options. However because the taxonomy index is only updated when content changes, it has no effect for existing content.

In order to bulk update existing content, enable the module Taxonomy Deep Index Admin shipped along with this project. Then navigate to Administration » Content » Rebuild taxonomy deep index. Select all content and click on the button with the title Rebuild taxonomy deep index.

The administrative interface is restricted to users having the Bypass content access control permission.

Note that this is actually a view. Depending on the site structure, it possibly makes sense to restrict the set of content to be updated by specifying filters on the view. This is especially useful if not every content type needs to be processed.

After the bulk-update the Taxonomy Deep Index Admin can be disabled.

Project status

This is an experimental project. It is confirmed to work along with Field collection, however the effect on other entity-style field types is unknown. Please report your observations to the issue tracker.

Project information

  • caution Minimally maintained
    Maintainers monitor issues, but fast responses are not guaranteed.
  • caution Maintenance fixes only
    Considered feature-complete by its maintainers.
  • Module categories: Content, Taxonomy
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    There are currently no supported stable releases.