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This module brings various improvements to the core Taxonomy module.


  • Adds a delete link in the vocabulary terms list
  • Adds an option to not allow duplicate terms in a vocabulary
  • Views integration - provides a Views argument handler which adds the capabality of showing the results of related terms' nodes (e.g. If you have a view list for the term "Drupal", and that term is related to "Drupal core", nodes that are tagged with "Drupal core" will also show up in that view)

API functions

  • Provides an equivalent to taxonomy_get_term_by_name() which adds an extra parameter ($vid) for restricting the search to a specific vocabulary
  • Provides an equivalent to taxonomy_node_get_terms_by_vocabulary() which saves a database query by searching for the terms directly in the $node object.
  • Provides an equivalent to taxonomy_get_tree() which gets a more useful taxonomy tree, with "nesteds" terms in an array that you can access with $term->children


  • Improve documentation and function signature for taxonomy_additions_get_nested_tree()
  • Add code samples for the API functions provided by this module


Developed and maintained by Tremend Software Consulting

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