This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Views Taxonomy: limit exposed dropdown by term depth provides enhanced functionality for the exposed dropdown filter for taxonomy terms in Views.

Exposed term filters can already be limited to display only terms selected in the Views interface. But what if content creators add new taxonomy terms? They will have to navigate the Views interface and add these new terms to the list of terms shown by exposed filters.

This is an unviable solution if content creators are not trained in using Views' complex interface. Views Taxonomy: limit exposed dropdown by term depth allows administrators to restrict the exposed dropdown for a term filter so it displays all terms of a given depth (or range of depths). The admin can specify a minimum depth, a maximum depth, or both, allowing very precise control over what terms will show up in the dropdown for the end user.

This is particularly useful if your site implements a hierarchical taxonomy, and you want to break up the different levels of the taxonomy into different dropdowns to make it clearer to end users.

This module is open to co-maintainers. I am open to suggestions about future directions for this module.

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