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Seeking Maintainer!

I no longer have interest in maintaining this module. If you would like to see more development and updates to this module, and would like to maintain it, let me know. -moonray


The Tasklist Advanced module extends the existing Tasklist module, and adds categorization, additional views, and filtering based on "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. It requires, and depends on the original Tasklist module, and is fully backward compatible. For attaching dates to tasks, use the Event module.


(In addition to all of Tasklist's features)

  • Additional views
    • my tasks
    • all tasks, grouped by user
  • Categorization based on "Getting Things Done" by David Allen
  • Form or URL based filtering by
    Note: for advanced URL based filtering try this approach: tasks/user/1?status=1&taskcategory=unknown,next&tasktype=action
    • Status
    • Category
    • Task type
  • Tagging of tasks as action (default) or project (multi-action task)
  • Hierarchical tree listing


  • Drupal 4.7 or 5.0
  • MySQL as your database engine (for .install file to create required database table)
  • Tasklist module [tasks.module]
  • Event module [event.module] (optional)


Authored and maintained by Balarama Bosch (moonray)
Sponsored by

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