tarteaucitron.js Premium

tarteaucitron.js is a Javascript library to conform to the European cookie law, this plugin make the installation very easy with the Premium version.

What is it for?

The premium version (lemon meringue pie) install all the services in a few clicks, without touching the source code of the site.

Example: to install the measurement service Google Analytics, simply click 'Google Analytics' in the setting page, enter the UA-XXXXX id and validate. The script is now injected in the site and the consent is managed!

To add a visible service (social networks, advertising), go to the drupal blocks page and simply pick the one you want to install.

Very simple and affordable :)

Is it free ?

Nope, this version cost 15€/month or 150€/year.

More info on https://opt-out.ferank.eu/pro/

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