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This module Provides a TagCloud and List of Tags.

Tag clouds is a light weight stable module that provides span tags, optimizations; It is also singular in purpose and stable.

Provides a link to the node and not the taxonomy display if the node count is equal to 1. This avoids taxonomy pages with only one node. Defaults to On, can be turned off.

Supports i18n (recently improved with opportunities for improvement)


  1. Unzip and copy the directory to "/sites/all/modules".
  2. "/admin/modules" activate "TagClouds"
  3. "/admin/config/content/tagclouds" set the Settings to what you want. See "Module Settings" bellow.
  4. "/admin/structure/block" and find the block titled "Tags in [taxonomy name]" and move to where you want it displayed. See "Block Settings" bellow.
  5. Your all set up!

Module Settings:

Display Type

  • "Style" or which is defined in the CSS with 6 (by default) weighted styles. This is the classic Tag Cloud Style. (Image 1 & 2)
  • "Count" which is shown as "TagName(N)" where N is the number of times that term is used. (Image 3)

Check Box

"Link term to node when only one content is tagged" - Links to node when only tag is used once.

Amount of tags on the pages

The amount of tags that will show up in a cloud on the pages. Enter '0' to display all tags. Amount of tags in blocks must be configured in the block settings of the various cloud blocks.

Number of levels

The number of levels between the least popular tags and the most popular ones. Different levels will be assigned a different class to be themed in tagclouds.css

Block Settings:

Tags to show

The number of tags to show in this block. Enter '0' to display all tags.

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