This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides local based ip geolocation based on SypexGeo City database. It is fully free and has frequently updates.

How to use


At first you must download and install module as usual. Then you need to download SypexGeo PHP library and SypexGeo City database. You can do it in two ways:

First way - manually:

  1. Go to download page.
  2. Download "Sypex Geo для PHP 5.2+".
    1. Put SxGeo.php file to PATH_TO_SITE_INSTALLATION/sites/all/libraries/sypexgeo.
    2. File must be available at /sites/all/libraries/sypexgeo/SxGeo.php.
  3. Download "Sypex Geo City" UTF-8 edition.
    1. Navigate to /admin/config/regional/sypexgeo.
    2. Upload SxGeoCity.dat file and save it.
  4. You're done.

Second way - fastest

  1. Install all you needs with just single command drush sypexgeo.
  2. It will ask you, what you want to install, choose it and thats it.


Yes, you can also update SypexGeo database with drush. Just use second option when you want to make database fresh.

For code example visit GitHub page or read the

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