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This module allows privileged users to commit changes in code to an SVN repository. It relies heavily on the existing SVN settings so a working copy is required for this module to work.

This module is only meant to be installed on development environments where users with little to no knowledge of the SVN CVS need to be able to commit changes.


Simple one click installation: At admin/build/modules enable the subversion module.


1. Enable the permission "administer subversion" at admin/user/permissions.


Commiting to SVN

  1. Go to /admin/svn
  2. If there are changes waiting to be committed, a text area and a button labeled Commit Changes will show up on the page. Otherwise you will see a message stating that there are no changes pending.
  3. Write a commit message that explains what you changed and hit the Commit Changes button

Tagging a release

  1. Go to /admin/svn/tag
  2. From the drop-down select one of the available tags.
  3. Click the Tag Release button.

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