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The support module provides a basic ticketing system and helpdesk that is native to Drupal, offering complete email integration.

Support for Drupal 8
Development of an 8.x version of this module has started. It is a complete re-write and re-architecture built on Views, Entities and OG. A migration path will be provided from the latest 6.x-1.x release; we hope the community will contribute a patch to also provide a migration path from the latest 7.x-1.x release. We aim to make the first beta releases available during the Fall of 2015.

The Support module offers the following features:

  • Ticketing activity is illustrated with colorful charts (depends on the Chart API module).
  • Tickets can be assigned to users (and users can view all tickets assigned to them).
  • Tickets support states (new, active, pending, closed, etc) and priorities (low, normal, high, critical, etc).
  • Configurable email notifications for new and updated tickets.
  • Email integration allows tickets to be created and updated via email, with support for attachments. New users can be automatically created. Ticket properties can be updated via email (using included support_mailcmd module).
  • Highly configurable client and user ticket overviews, highlighting tickets that haven't been updated for a long time.
  • Fully integrated with Drupal's search functionality, users can only search for tickets they have access to.
  • Supports an unlimited number of clients, each with their own configuration and access permissions.
  • Tickets are nodes, ticket updates are comments.

6.x dependencies:

7.x dependencies:

8.x dependencies:

  • Required: Drupal 8.x core
  • Required: Diff, for displaying ticket changes

Supporting projects:

  • Support Timer, implements a time tracker for the ticketing system, optionally supports billing rates and time planning.
  • Support Views, exposes support tickets to the Views module.
  • Support Dashboard, provides all tickets, all client dashboard view.
  • Support Bot, report on support tickets in IRC via bot integration.
  • Support Fields, define additional per-client support ticket fields with CCK
  • Support Token, integrate with tokens
  • Support Deadline, allows you to add a "due date" to tickets.
  • Support Nag, can send regular reminders about open tickets, and can automatically close issues after a period of time.
  • Support SMS, can send details about open support tickets as SMS messages to cell phones and pagers.

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