This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is a contrib module to the subs module.

It aims at showing a checkout form subs type selection
to the end user.
After submitting the checkout form, it will create a subs for
the current user based on subs type property.

By default, there is two hardcoded page process :
- cart : subs type selection
- complete : confirmation page

Only subs type non-subscribe by the current user will be show.

If default status from subs type is set to active, start date
will be set automatically (current time) and end date based
on start date + length of the subscription.

Otherwise, start date and end date will be set to 0
and this is in charge of an administrator to update subs.

In addition, it also support subs payment payment module.

In that case, it will add an another page to the checkout process :
- cart : selecting subs type
- payment : a quick summary (themable or change with settings)
and a payment form
- complete page

Note that anonymous subscription are not allowed and by the way,
do not allow access to anonymous user.

A block could be used to display the checkout cart page.



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