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Mobile and cell phone unlocking: StockUnlocks is a module which has been designed to transform your Drupal site into a remote mobile unlocking machine by connecting to any Dhru Fusion Client via the remote API (Copyleft GPL, For details regarding the Dhru Client Remote API see

The StockUnlocks module allows you to easily access the power and automation that the Dhru API makes available to everyone.

If you're unlocking cell phones or other mobile devices without a management utility, our goal is to free you from the spreadsheets and manual email processing. The StockUnlocks module combined with Ubercart will allow you to better focus your time and energy where they're needed the most.

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  • Access numerous unlocking services from multiple Providers.
  • Import unlocking services directly into your own website.
  • Automated processing of unlocking requests.
  • Customize email responses.
  • Short Video Overview:


  • StockUnlocks depends on the Product module from Ubercart.
  • The PHP curl_url library is required as well. See
    • Many environments already have this installed by default.
  • The "Private file system path" must be configured. The last two directory entries must be named 'files/private'. e.g. 'sites/default/files/private'. This directory must be writable by Drupal.



To experience the full range of functionality, a free account should be created at:

  • Additional details will be provided upon account creation.
  • Your existing Service Provider, or others, may be used as well.


'Administer StockUnlocks' permission must be granted in order to access the menus described below.

  • Access permissions: /admin/people/permissions
  • Locate the 'Administer StockUnlocks' permission under 'StockUnlocks mobile unlocking'


The following menu items will be available after module installation. They will appear under "Navigation":

  • SU API Actions: /suapi/actions
    • Work directly with a specific, designated Service Provider using the available API actions.
  • SU API Add: /suapi/add
    • Create and enter the registration information specific to your Service Provider.
  • SU API Designated Provider: /suapi/data
    • The Designated Provider allows you to directly interact with a particular Provider with the web browser using Actions.
    • All Active Providers are still available for background website operations.
  • SU API Status: /suapi/status
    • Displays and allows changing of the active/inactive status of registered Provider(s).
  • SU Email Templates: /suapi/emailtemplates
    • Access and modify standard email messages sent to customers and administrators.


The following view will be created after module installation:

  • StockUnlocks view: /stockunlocks/view
    • This is a very basic view containing the published unlocking services.
    • This view requires the "Administer StockUnlocks" permission in order to access.

Live examples of active services:

iPhone Unlock Service,
Unlock iPhone, Unlock Blackberry, Unlocking Services

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