This is a tiny module that basically extends Drupal's core statistics module by adding node counts for week, month and year. It also integrates with Views and you can use it to select, filter, order the content as well.


This module plays well and has been tested with Views. You can use these fields
in Content statistics group

  • Views this week
  • Views this month
  • Views this year

You can also use those fields to order and filter content.


  1. Statistics (Drupal 7.x Core)
  2. Views (Optional)


Download the module and simply copy it into your contributed modules folder:
[for example, your_drupal_path/sites/all/modules] and enable it from the modules administration/management page.
More information at: Installing contributed modules (Drupal 7)


You need to set up cron in order to reset the counters.

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