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What is the SSI module?

The SSI module allows your Drupal content to be included via Server Side Includes (SSI) on any SSI enabled pages (.shtml by default).

What sort of content can be served via the SSI module?

Currently the SSI module supports the following content types:

  • Blocks
  • Regions
  • Nodes
  • Node Teasers

How do I use the SSI module?

First you will need to install the SSI module on the Drupal site you wish to include content from, no configuration is required.
Second, to display content in an external page use one of the following formats on your SSI enabled page:

  • Blocks:
    <!--#include virtual="/ssi/block/[block module]/[block delta]" -->
  • Regions:
    <!--#include virtual="/ssi/region/[region name]" -->
  • Nodes:
    <!--#include virtual="/ssi/node/[node id]" -->
  • Node Teasers:
    <!--#include virtual="/ssi/node/[node id]/teaser" -->

Known issues:

  • Important: If you put a Drupal site that is serving content via the SSI module into offline mode the websites making the SSI calls will display a full copy of the Drupal offline error page. A workaround for this is underdevelopment and will be committed as soon as it is ready for further testing.

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