This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Squeeze page module allows you to force visitor to fill form before (s)he access particular page.

For example, we want to ask user about his name, contact information and company he works for if he wants to open page with files to download.

In order to setup squeeze page, you need:

* Create files download page, which will be "protected" by Squeeze form
* Create Webform for using as a Squeeze form
* Change Squeeze settings on Page Edit form

This module also support "squeezing" only files on webpage. I.e. user can open page, but to download any file from this page - he is asked to fill a form. To accomplish this you need to use Filefield CCK field to store files and Filefield Stats module -

Initial development sponsored by MicroAssist Application Development Team.

Sponsored by ECSI,

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