Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 driver for Microsoft SQL Server database engines.

It supports both SQL Server Stand-Alone (version 2008 and later) and Azure SQL (version 12 and later).

The MSSQL PDO extension will work on both Windows and Linux Systems.

Linux Support #43

Compatibility and Quality Assurance

The SQL Server driver 8.x-2.x branch is being continuously tested through AppVeyor:


You can use AppVeyor to test your own drupal project:


PHP Compatiblity

This driver only supports PHP7 and beyond. Older versions of the driver can be used at your own risk.

Make sure you also use the latest PDO from Microsoft:


And the latest ODBC driver for your environment.


Installation instructions

Installing Drupal 8 on Windows and SQL Server

Azure compatibility

Azure Apps is the most flexible and innovative PaaS solution: deployment slots per branch, infrastructure as code, mix on-premises and cloud, predictable performance, load balanced A/B testing in production, autoscaling (both horizontal and vertical) and a very long etcetera of features... all at commodity hosting prices.

And it has support for Java, PHP, .Net, NodeJS, Python plus MySQL, Redis, Haddop and many other as-a-service.

Using the SQL Server module along with Wincache you can deploy Drupal on Azure Apps!


7.x-2.x, current maintenance and Drupal 8 support provided by DrupalOnWindows.com.

Branch 7.x-1.x (original implementation) was developed and supported by Commerce Guys, provider of innovative ecommerce solutions for Drupal.

Project information