Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 driver for Microsoft SQL Server database engines.

It supports both SQL Server Stand-Alone (version 2008 and later) and Azure SQL (version 12 and later).

The MSSQL PDO extension will work on both Windows and Linux Systems.

Linux Support #43

Compatibility and Quality Assurance

The SQL Server driver 8.x-2.x branch is being continuously tested through AppVeyor:


You can use AppVeyor to test your own drupal project:


Installation instructions

Installing Drupal 8 on Windows and SQL Server

Azure compatibility

Azure Apps is the most flexible and innovative PaaS solution: deployment slots per branch, infrastructure as code, mix on-premises and cloud, predictable performance, load balanced A/B testing in production, autoscaling (both horizontal and vertical) and a very long etcetera of features... all at commodity hosting prices.

And it has support for Java, PHP, .Net, NodeJS, Python plus MySQL, Redis, Haddop and many other as-a-service.

Using the SQL Server module along with Wincache you can deploy Drupal on Azure Apps!


7.x-2.x, current maintenance and Drupal 8 support provided by DrupalOnWindows.com.

Branch 7.x-1.x (original implementation) was developed and supported by Commerce Guys, provider of innovative ecommerce solutions for Drupal.

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