This module lets you upload a sprite image for a menu item and, with the use of CSS, configure different sprites of the image for different states of the link (normal, visited, hover and active). Or if you are looking to simply place an image in a menu by replacing a menu item with an image, this module can provide that functionality also.

CSS Warning:
Tthis module sets styles for each link using classes and if those links are affected by some other more selective CSS rules in your theme, those may take precedence.

To help avoid this and let this module work OK with any theme, there's an entry to add other CSS selector rules to be combined with the link rules. This can be set in "Administer" -> "Site building" -> "Menus" -> "Settings" in the Sprite Graphic Menu settings fieldset. You may need to adjust this setting to get the module to work with your site theme.

Sponsored by: Infomagnet
Drupal 7 Port: The Recording Academy

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