This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project offers a set of modules to manage a sports club. The main features are:

  • Teams: You can display information for your teams like the team image or roster.
  • Games: Manage your teams games and display the game schedule as well as upcoming or latest games.
  • Leagues: If desired, you can display the rankings and schedule of individual leagues.
  • Seasons: All information is connected to seasons. The histroy of the teams or players is displayed automatically.


This project is still in development. For example, the following is missing:

  • Display customization
  • Sport-specific behaviour
  • Game statistics
  • Improved administration interfaces
  • Demo site
  • Documentation
  • Translation

If you would like to help, feel free to contact me.


Due to the number of modules needed, it is recommended to have a memory limit of at least 96 Mb set for PHP.



Project Information