This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

SPIP to Drupal imports SPIP contents into Drupal.

This module only require Drupal core modules (comment, taxonomy, upload). Some SPIP features have no a direct matching to drupal core ones. See «Limitations» section below for detailed info.

Contents are obtained from the SPIP site via web in json format. To complish this, a SPIP plugin to export contents as json is provided. SPIP introduced the plugins system starting from version 1.9. So the minimum SPIP supported version is 1.9.

Things the module imports

Imported as stories.
Only comments for articles and news. No private comments.
A vocabulary is created for each group of keywords.
Imported as terms on a vocabulary of your election.
Documents are imported as uploads.
User passwords can't be imported as the encryption mechanism of SPIP is not compatible with Drupal. See spipauth.module below.


  1. Some features are not possible in drupal: for example in spip an article can have multiple authors. In drupal this functionality is not available out-of-the-box.
  2. Some features are not in core but can be found in contributed modules: for example the status of articles: in spip they are (in progress, for evaluation, published, in the dustbin, rejected). Available status in drupal core are published/unpublished. Spip2drupal just do a reduction of spip statuses to drupal ones.
    Some contrib modules deal with moderation of content. For a reference:
  3. Some other features can be obtained with a mix of contrib modules and/or theming. For example the functionality provided by spip squelettes can be obtained by combining theming and views.

spipauth submodule

As stated above, SPIP users passwords can't be imported. This module allows to authenticate Drupal users against a SPIP database. If the supplied password is valid for SPIP, the module will set this password for the user in the Drupal database. This way, after a first login with success, the user is completely imported to Drupal, and will not be authenticated further against the spip database. This module is useful to gradually move your users' passwords from spip database to drupal.

More info

You will find technical info about the use of the module in the README file, and a list of features to improve or possible implementation in the TODO file.

Support and customizations

The module author provides paid development and consulting services. Contact Jonathan Araña Cruz.

You can also support this module by giving cash gifts via Gratipay.

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