This module is the best Drupal Event Calendar plugin available in Drupal Modules Directory. Spider Event Calendar is a highly configurable product which allows you to have multiple organized events. Spider Drupal Event Calendar is an extraordinary user friendly extension.


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If you want to customize the design of the catalog, you can buy the commercial version here. Color, font, size and design of each element of the catalog are customizable in the commercial version.

Main features:
  • You can add unlimited number of calendars and unlimited number of events for each calendar.
  • The extension can be used both as a plugin and as a widget.
  • With a simple click on the date the events and their descriptions recorded for that day will appear.
  • Possibility to support events that last more than one day.
  • Possibility to set the month and the year initially displayed on the calendar (option to display any particular month instead of the current month).
  • Possibility to create as many calendars as needed. The design of each is configurable.
  • An option to show multiple calendars in one page.
  • An option to create events for each calendar separately.
  • Possibility to change the colors and match it to the colors of your website (commercial version).
  • There are 11 standard themes included in extension package for the plugin and for the widget (commercial version).
  •  Set the height and width in the widget and in the plugin as well (commercial version).
  •  Create events which will not repeat (and use a single time).
  •  Create an event and repeat it by any number of days.
  •  Create an event and repeat it weekly.
  •  Create an event and repeat it monthly.
  •  Create an event and repeat it yearly.
  • Date color, font size and font family in the popup can be changed (commercial version).
  •  Choose month display format
  •  Change next, previous and current month font size and color (commercial version)
  •  Define the main border radius, color and width (commercial version)
  • There is also an opportunity to change popup window parameters

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