This is a Spanish profile with minimal modules requiered for Drupal installation.

This installation profile has as main objective to easy the installation of Drupal for newbies, promoting its usage.

The installation profile:

  • Predefines Spanish as default language for the site.
  • Configures transliteration options for pathauto.
  • Allow to set a new set of default values for installation forms.
  • Changes date and time formats.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Install Drupal
    • Download and extract the latest version Drupal (for example, drupal-7.22)
  2. Copy Spanish Installator
    • Download Spanish Installator archive and extract onto the 'profiles/' directory
    • Download contributed modules and and extract onto the 'sites/all/modules' directory
    • If desire download the lastest 'es.po.txt' and replace 'es.po' in the 'translations/' directory
  3. Follow installation instructions

Instruccciones en español en el archivo readme.txt.

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