This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Abandoned Module: As of October 4th, 2010 this module has been marked as abandoned. If you would like to take over as maintainer of this module, please file an issue in Webmaster Issue Queue.


Spam_Tokens is an add-on to the Spam module. It allows the Spam administrator to control the tokens that are used by the Spam filters to determine whether or not content is spam.

New maintainer wanted. I no longer use Spam (I went to Mollom). Contact me and I will turn it over to you.

Required Modules
The Spam_Tokens module requires the contributed Spam module. The new "special" token import/export feature assumes that you have applied the Spam module patch described in


I run the translation extractor when I update the module, so if someone wants to provide translations, the template is available. Please open a feature request with the translation (.po) module.

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