This is a set of developer APIs that allows Drupal to interact with the SONISWEB Academic Administration System (Version 2.3 or higher).

What this module does not do

  • Provide any functionality visible to users.

What this module does do

  • Allows all of the authentication data to be centrally maintained.
  • Provides an easy abstracted way to call the SONISWEB APIs.
  • Provides an easy abstracted way to run read only SQL queries.
  • Converts ColdFusion SQL results into PHP like SQL results.
  • Converts html dropboxes to Form API options array.
  • Converts a SQL query to a Form API options array

Some Important Notes:

  • This module is not maintained by RJM Systems. Please don't report problems to them! Report them in the issue queue.
  • The SONISWEB API will prevent any non-read only SQL queries from running. However, you are responsible for preventing SQL injection attacks.
  • The available SONISWEB APIs are listed in your SONISWEB documentation.
  • This module requires PHP 5, the SOAP extension and highly recommends the OpenSSL extension.
  • If you are new to Drupal read the Module Developer Guide for more information.
  • If you are considering Drupal for no reason other than this module, and not for Drupal's many features. You are making the wrong choice!

Project information