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Apache Solr provides a feature that goes by the name of "best bets", "sponsored searches", or "editorial boosting" depending on the technology you are used to using. Simply put, administrators can configure which documents are explicitly promoted to the top of the search results or excluded from the result set based on the keywords entered by the user. Common use cases are featured product pages in e-commerce applications or a sponsored article that should always be returned first for certain queries.

This module provides an interface for users to configure which content is a "best bet" for various search terms. On the technical side of things, Solr Best Bets generates a valid elevate.xml configuration file that can be deployed to a Solr server. This module does not automatically deploy the configuration file to Apache Solr, as there is currently no mecanism native to Solr that supports this. Users must create their own method for deploying the file constructed by this module.

To help facilitate the file transfer process, Solr Best Bets provides an endpoint that external apps can use to retrieve the elevate.xml files as well as Drush integration to extract the elevate.xml documents via the command line.


Solr Best Bets works with the Solr integration modules Apache Solr Search Integration and Search API Solr. Solr Best Bets also integrates with Drush and Rules.


Solr Best Bets is currently maintained by Chris Pliakas.

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