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Provides Drupal integration for the Socrata open government data service via their SODA API, including a Views query solution.

There are four modules in this project:


Manages the dataset instances and allows for import/export of these definitions. When enabled, you will find a menu item under Structure > Socrata that will allow you to manage those. They can then be used in conjunction with other modules.


This is a query plugin for Views 3.x that allows you to build a View against a dataset instance defined above. Once enabled, when you go to add a new View it will present all the datasets configured by the socrata module. After selecting a dataset, it will allow you to map fields and format them just like you would in a normal View. Any Views 3.x-compatible display plugin that operates on fields should be able to be used to render the data. Tested recently:


This module enables site builders to build Views against the Socrata Catalog Search API to query for metadata about dataset endpoints.
Note that because of a current limitation in the API, results can only be sorted within the paged output instead of the entire result set.


This provides an input filter that can be enabled for text formats. Embedding a Socrata widget in content is as simple as:

[socrata source=my_dataset width=600 height=400]

The module also provides a default template file that can be customized as needed for your theme.

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