An implementation of Social Share Privacy jquery plugin as a Drupal module.

Sharing but only producing traffic / submitting (any) data when needed - done with a doubleclick.

This will add Facebook / Twitter and googlePlus (google+) likeboxes to every page.
Configurable via a block, so you have the full potential to place it.
In the D7 version it also creates Placeholder fields for content types. Manageable via settings:

On every node there is a checkbox for dis/enabling, display finally configurable via the FieldUI.


This module won't be ported.
We recommend sharemessage.


Compatible with Libraries module. (using key socialshareprivacy)
Recommended to use with metatag or an OpenGraph (meta / auto) or module.
i18n enabled.


Requires Libraries module and the installation of jQuery 1.4.2 (see README).

Compatible to block cache, page cache, and external caches since 6.x-1.3-rc1.

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