#D8CX: I pledge that Social Stats will have a stable release the day Drupal 8 is released.

This is a statistics module. It provides data from various social media sites. The data which is saved per node. It includes data from:

  1. Facebook : likes count, shares count, comments count & total count.
  2. Twitter : tweets count.
  3. LinkedIn : share count.
  4. Google Plus : plus one count, share count & total count
  5. Total Share Count : total across all available social networks

This module is intended to collect the statistics per node from the networks mentioned above.
It does not actually provide sharing widgets for the social networking sites. They have to added manually, or using other modules. List of the modules recommended to use alongwith Social Stats are:

It should also work with other modules like ShareThis, Facebook Share, Tweet, etc. but I have not tested with these.


  1. social_stats : This module is responsible to collect data from the social sites and store it in the database.
  2. social_stats_views : Views integration of the data collected by social_stats module.
  3. social_stats_panels : Panels integration of social_stats module.


  1. Download the module and place it with other contributed modules (e.g. sites/all/modules/).
  2. Enable the Social Stats module on the Modules list page. The database tables will be created automatically for you at this point.
  3. Modify permissions on the People >> Permissions page.
  4. Go to admin/config/social-stats/settings, set the date after which you want your data to be fetched. Select the social sites to be tracked per content type.
  5. Run cron. This will fetch the statistics per node and store it in database.
  6. Enable the Social Stats Views module and/or Social Stats Panels(can do it at step 2 itself).


The administrative interface is at: Administer >> Configuration >> Social Stats >> Social Stats settings.
Social Stats Views module will enable you to have the following additional features to views.

  1. Field : Add social statictics of node as field. Under "Add field", click on the category "Social Stats", and select the data.
  2. Filter : Filter the content on the stats. For example, you can have a filter like "only show nodes which have Facebook likes > 200".
  3. Sort : Sort the content on the basis of the stats, ascending or descending.

Social Stats Panels module will enable you to have the following additional
content types to panels panels.

  1. Total Shares : Facebook total + Twitter + LinkedIn + Google Plus.

This content types will be visible under "Social Stats" category under
"Add content" area on the node view by default. If you wish to add this
content types in mini panels you have to set the required context of node.

Drupal 8 version:

Meta issue for the port for D8 version : #2107321: [meta] Drupal 8 port of Social Stats.
Beta version of the module is released, with views integration.
The only issue remaining #2355003: Convert block system to new plugins.


The development of this module is sponsored by QED42.

Special thanks to jcamposanok, for reviewing the module at its initial stage, and keeping me from giving up from developing it further.

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