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Social simple provide a simple extra field on nodes allowing to share the content on social networks (currently Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linked in). The social share links are simply links prepopulated with content's title and the url to share, and so have very light impact on the website performance.

The module provide too a Social simple block you can configure to enable any social network you want (among those available). You can place this block everywhere, and thus permit visitors to share any kind of page.

Social simple can be enable per content type. For each content type you can select the social networks availables. Once Social simple is enable for a content type, an extra field is available in the manage display page for this content type. You have to configure this extra field for each view mode on which you want to display the social share link.

You can enable/disable the social share links per node by enabling the submodule Social simple per node.

Adding more social network is really easy. Please feel free to post an issue for adding additional social network. The only requirement is that this social network must permit to share content from an url (no widget js.)

FontAwesome font icon is used for displaying link as icons.

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