This module is clearly inspired by the share buttons used by Mashable.

This module gives the share counts for only Facebook,Twitter and more which has some excellent features in more elegant manner. If you have a website, then you definitely need this module.Social share Counter


Social Share Buttons

  • No images are used: FontAwesome font icons are utilized for displaying social media icons.
  • Social Share Counter: A social media share counter which displays the total share counts on social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin and Stumbleupon (Sharrre dependency removed).
  • Select node types with different view modes you wish to display this module on
  • Customize the weight of the Counter button in node placement
  • Responsive Design: The widget has three pre-set designs to fit as per screen size

Follow Buttons
Helps you get more followers to grow your social influence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin and whatsapp.


  • Download and save it to your modules folder.
  • Enable the Social Share Counter module at admin/build/modules.
  • Set the access Social Share Counter permissions for authenticated users at admin/user/permissions.
  • We all know, Twitter announcement for new share buttons. So to get count back, we have integrated api from You only have to register your site there with your twitter account. It's free.
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