This project is part of the Drupal Social Initiative.

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Social Post Twitter allows you to configure your site to automatically tweet to a users' accounts without human intervention. No tricky configuration needed. It is based on Social Post and Social API projects

Examples of use cases

  • Update status when a new content has been added.
  • Share a video link (stored in a field) after flagging some content.
  • Let user's announce on their Twitter profile they have just bought a product (and link to it).
  • Welcome new Drupal users on your site's Twitter account.


You can alternatively use Rules to autotweet without writing a single line of code.

The module allows you to:

  • Grant access to write to your (or admin’s ones) Twitter account.
  • Associate as many account as you like.
  • Personalize the status text to be tweeted.

Installation instructions

Social Post Twitter 8.x-1.x - Installation instructions

Español: Guía de instalación para Drupal 8

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