The modules provides a configurable block that display links (icons) to your profiles on various popular networking sites.
With this module, a website can be quickly extended with a "Follow us" functionality. Or you make the block available for your site editors, and they can configure the social networks themselves.


  • Choose from various icon sets and different sizes
  • Support for Panels. Use multiple Social Media Links Blocks via Panels (only Drupal 7).
  • All settings can be made via the block ui (no other permissions to the user is required).
  • Add new social networks or icon sets (via hooks)

Current supported Social Networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Google+

Drupal 8

The Drupal 8 version is a complete rewrite to use all the new stuff and possibilities (e.g. the plugin system).

New Functionality: Social Media Links Field (8.x-2.4 and higher)

With the new submodule "Social Media Links Field" it is possible to capture the links to various social media platforms via a field. In the field settings you can specify individually which platforms are available in a field.

The module has two Field Widgets:

  • A list of all available platforms (combined in one field)
  • One item per field (or multiple via field cardinality) and the platform is selectable from the user/editor.

New icon sets?

If you know some icon sets (I prefer sets with an open license) that you would like to see in the module? Then please create a new issue and provide some information about your favorite social media icon set.

Project information