Social Media Aggregator is a fast and efficient module for displaying the most popular socials feeds on your site. It provides an API for normalising the rendered output of social media from 3 core sources; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The associated functions can be called in custom modules to use the social atoms in things such as blocks. The module however does provide a 'Social Media' field type that can be used on any fieldable entity. The field can be used as a reference to twitter, Facebook or instagram.

Other custom modules can provide additional social sources to the API.


The module provides a field for you to attach standard social media to any content type.
Supported social feeds:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Each sub module contains its own helper functions allowing you to select the appropriate resource in your fields.


Each sub module relies on a contrib module to act as the api to that specific social media source

The following modules are used:

Future Development

I am currently working on a social media block that will combine all the feeds into one.

Supporting organizations: 

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