The social media share module allows the user to share current page to different social media platforms. It is rendered as block, you can place it anywhere of your site.

Module provides social media field type so that you can add it as field in entity and take all benefits from field API.

It is flexible to share any page of the site whether it is node, term , panels, view pages so on.

Currently module provides six services by default
- Facebook share
- Facebook messenger
- Linkedin
- Twitter
-Google plus
- Email (Client email service(:mailto) ,Forward email as model dialog, forward email as separate page)

You have full flexibility to add more services, modify the elements before render, change orders or so on. You can also completely disabled any services from configuration page(admin/config/services/social-media).

Event subscribe

Module provides an event so that others can develop an event subscriber to modify.
Event Subscriber name :-

Used for adding your own social media or extend more.

Used for modify the configuration array before executing.

Used for modify element just before rendered.

Check the social_media.api file to see implementation of event subscriber. Also check readme file to get more details.

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