Social Connect for Drupal 7

This module allows users to login on a Drupal website through the Facebook and Hyves – using their Facebook or Hyves login and password.

The module also brings other extra features:

  • Admin can allow user profile fields update with Hyves and Facebook data
  • Admin can configure field mapping and customize login buttons

NOTE! HyvesConnect JS supports only IE8 or greater

Differences from other modules:

  • Standalone (not need any library)
  • Flexible
  • Small and simple
  • Basic support Domain Access module

NOTE! Project stopped for 2-3 weeks.
Social Connect will be refactored and created from scratch on Drupal CodeSprint Kharkov (19-21 April 2012).
We want to create Social Connect API module that will move current module and provide API for developers.
Module will consist of the following parts:
1. Main module that provides API. With this module you can easily add new social connect and register new fields for mapping.
2. Facebook Social Connect submodule. Will provide connect and field mapping via Facebook. This submodule can be used as example for developers.
3. !!Under discussion!! Mapping submodule. Provides mapping GUI in case if you don`t want to use Rules. Should support Profile2.

Social Connect for Drupal 8

Allows users to login on a Drupal website through the Facebook and Google – using their Facebook or Google login and password.


The Drupal 8 version of Social Connect requires the External Authentication

Supporting organizations: 

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