This module integrates with the weather service from and depends on the Views module for displaying forecast data. updates it's service every fourth hour with an issue over the 6 next days. Every day is divided into three periods (morning, afternoon, night) and each period is divided into three elevations (min, mid, max). This gives you a lot of data that you can display and analyze.

All the available weather locations can be found here.

Available weather data

For each period:

  • Timestamp when each period starts and ends
  • Freez level for that period

For each elevation:

  • A phrase describing the overall weather
  • Filename for an icon describing the overall weather
  • Maximum and minimum temperature
  • Snow amount
  • Rain amount
  • A phrase describing the wind speed
  • Filename for an icon describing the wind speed
  • Wind speed in meters / second
  • Wind chill


This project was developed by dixon_ from NodeOne.

Project Information

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  • Last modified: October 13, 2009
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