This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

== Introduction ==

The sms_takeio.module integrates as a SMS gateway for Drupal's SMS Framework. is a set of APIs ( that enable companies to
send and receive text and audio messages through mobile telephony
in Brazil and other countries from South America.

== Dependencies ==

  1. SMS Framework

== Installation ==

1. Extract sms_takeio.module to your sites/all/modules directory

2. Enable the SMS module in admin/build/modules

3. Make sure you have configured SMS Framework

4. Configure settings

4.1 Go to SMS Framework -> Gateway configuration -> -> configure (admin/smsframework/gateways/takeio)

4.2 Copy your key and shared secret from the dashboard (

4.3 Generate your Access Token and Access Token Secret by running OAuthConsole.exe
and follow the instructions from the screen. More information can be found here:

4.4 Optionally select your Default Sender number and Carrier.

5. Save the settings

6. Set as your default SMS gateway.
The SMS module has been originally developed by Tamer Zoubi
under the sponsorship of TerraVoz.

Supporting organizations: 
Conceived and implemented original version of the module

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