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This module allows users to share content via sms with their contacts, and it allows sms replies from their contacts to be published as comments on the content shared.

Here is how it works:

  • It provides a block that has a special link "Share Via SMS" this block should be placed on the content page that will be shared
  • After the user clicks on the link, they will be redirected to a page that lists all their contacts and allows them to add new contacts and enter their mobile numbers
  • The user then edits the message he wishes to send with the shared post link ex: "Check out my new photo at"
  • The user then may select one or more contacts to share the content with them via sms, then clicks Send Sms
  • Once a user replies to the SMS his reply is stored as a comment on the post shared

This module provides 2 hooks for Developers to implement plugin modules that handles the SMS send and SMS thread retrieval, here are a list of modules that implement these hooks:

If you need your module to be published in this list please post an issue with the module link

This module was developed and sponsored by JesoX

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