This module provides integration between the SMS Gateway and the SMS framework project.



1) Install the SMS Framework module from
2) Drop this modul into a subdir of your choice (regarding the Drupal standards) for example sites/all/modules
3) Enable the module under admin/build/modules
4) Configure the module under admin/smsframework/gateways/alfahosting
    a) Enter your "Alfahosting customer center" username
    b) Enter your API-Key (can be found here:
    c) Enter a sender identifier wich should be used
  d) Your settings will be validated when you click save. If you recive an error, it will hopefully give you futher instructions on what to do. If you got an error without instructions, compare the error code with the list in the Gateway documentation wich you can find in your Alfahosting customer center.
5) Use the SMS Framework module or any other module that uses it.


  • Track critical API errors in the "Status report"

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