I had a look at this module and it really is great, thanks!

Are there plans for the module to also integrate the SMF 2.0 (still in Beta)?

What I would be interesyted in is the Wysiwyg editor in SMF 2.0. And I also hope for the search function in Drupal to also search in SMF Forums.



mattbk’s picture


murrdogg’s picture

Ahhhh, so this is why it doesn't work with my install!

Did I miss something or does it say somewhere which versions of SMF it works with? If not, I think it should on the main module page. I spent a lot of time trying to get it working only to have my Drupal do a "Page Not Found" every time I got the path to the api file right.

So, that being said, this IS a really cool module. What's the good word on SMF 2.0 integration? Plans? Dreams?

I'm using 2.0 stricly for the WYSIWYG editor functionality, and I agree with Pascal... Search from Drupal would be cool.

Thanks to the developers. Keep the good stuff coming!


dudelookslikealady’s picture


XerraX’s picture

Version: 5.x-1.21 » 6.x-1.21


Real Digger’s picture


XerraX’s picture

The version 2.0 of the module for SMF 2.0 is now developing and will
be released after SMF official 2.0 release.


This is what the developer answered on my Email.

augsburgde’s picture

good to read that there will be future developing for smf 2.0 bridge - the relase candidae for smf 2 is already out

Saler’s picture

Please make this module for SMF Realse Candidate and that the final version SMF leaves in a year still.

denni’s picture

Are there any news about smf 2 support for drupal?

Joachim Namyslo’s picture


denni’s picture

What do you mean?

denni’s picture

found the solution here http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=295866.msg195288...

It is basicalli about changing .htaccess a little and use the old smfforum module


At the end of your .htaccess, find this:
Code: [Select]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !=/favicon.ico
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?q=$1 [L,QSA]

and replace it with:
Code: [Select]
RewriteCond $1 !^forums
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !=/favicon.ico
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?q=$1 [L,QSA]


SuperZambezi’s picture

Hmmm. I still get "Page not Found" when I try to login or even register an account after changing the .htaccess. Anyone have any other solutions or maybe im doing something wrong? Thanks.

Does anyone know exactly what causes this "Page Not Found" Problem?

oeaton’s picture


DarkWolf’s picture

I hope to see soon a full integration (not an iframe) like this for phpbb: http://drupalbridge.org/phpbbforum/viewforum.php?f=2 :)

sinasalek’s picture


marazmus’s picture


mattbk’s picture

Denni and SuperZambezi, if you're worrying about the .htaccess, does that mean you've gotten the bridge to find and accept the SMF cookie (so you get past the "You are not authenticated in SMF" errors)? Or are you trying to install SMF within the Drupal directory and not able to get to it?

vb, is there any amount of cash we could scrape together to help get a working module before 2.0 final is released?

ndstate’s picture

This would be great to have for the RC. Is money needed vb?

vb’s picture

It takes about a week of heavy work to port the smfforum module to SMF2.0 RC2.
You can support this by sending donation to this link.

Donate the development of smfforum module for SMF 2.0 RC2

If there will be a reasonable amount I will start and do it.

DarkWolf’s picture

Hi vb :)
Is there any way to see a full integration (not an iframe) like phpbb3 here: http://drupalbridge.org/phpbbforum ?

oeaton’s picture


How is the donation for SMF 2 integration going? If more money is needed, please let us know so we can try to get you more donations. If we're close, I would volunteer to make up the difference.

vb’s picture

Yesterday someone has sent 10$ via paypal. That's all :)

XerraX’s picture

How much is needed? 15$?

jawatkin’s picture

@XerraX: Kinda disrespectful.

Sent $10 via Paypal just now. If we all pitch in our $10, it shouldn't be too hard to get to a respectable level and it's not too much to ask! :)

XerraX’s picture

That wasn't my intention. I just want to know on which level he starts to code. Thought its a funny way to ask, but US people are a way too serious. :-)

oeaton’s picture

I'm suprised to hear that those people who posted earlier asking about donating have not donated. :(

I will send you some more money on their behalf. Thank you for this module.

chawl’s picture


dzhu’s picture

Guys, if you need some donation, please let me know, we can sponsor integration with SMF 2.0, because this version has a lot of interesting features.

XerraX’s picture

then please sponsor it ^^

dzhu’s picture

I will, but I think, the more people sponsor the developer, the faster we all get the new version. ^_^

oeaton’s picture

Maybe if we could get a progress report on the donations? How much has been donated and how much more do we need?

sinasalek’s picture

I recommend using http://www.chipin.com/ service

eitai2001’s picture

Category: support » feature

Subscribing ... I'm definitely keen to see a SMF 2.0 module (Compatible with Drupal 7.x)

vb’s picture

Hi all
The Paypal account is not mine, because the Russia is not allowed to collect money by paypal.
It is an account of my friend. I asked him to send me report, he promissed to send it on this weekend.
The last total sum was 160$ and it was not all money for smfforum.
I have started and hope we will support the finish as well.:) $300 would be enough to port current 1.0 features, but i will be glad for any real help not only subscr..:).

XerraX’s picture

I just donated 10$. An optional amount on the donation link would be better, because if you want to donate more you can save fees.

vb’s picture

Progress report

Ondine Eaton 100 + 10
Dzhu 33
Janne Schilling 10
Robert Israel 10
Matthew Burton-Kelly 10
Justin Watkins 10
Tomasz Witkowski 10
Honorio De Sousa 10
Matthew Sensintaffar 10
Total 213$

vb’s picture

XerraX, >An optional amount on the donation link would be better, because if you want to donate more you can save fees.
I think you can enter any amount, not only 10, ask oeaton, he sent twice.

vb’s picture

Thanks all for donating.
The deadline of an official drupal release is not scheduled yet.
All donators will receive via email a working beta version for RC3 within a week with the installation hints.
The 100+ will be the first in the line :) and if needed will receive the personal installation support.
If someone has donated but is not in the list, please send me your email.

XerraX’s picture

Thanks for the new infos :-)

vb’s picture

XerraX, sorry, i have updated the list

System6Hosting’s picture


vb’s picture

The additional amount of 200$ needed for the finishing of the development was sponsored by Dzhu!

pomakk’s picture

i had seen 100 $ of amount befor but now as i see it becomes 200 $ serious amounts , serious support m i right ? by the way i will donate this project

vb’s picture

Now from Eaton 100+10$, from Dzhu 33$+200$, Total from all 413$.
This amount allow to work.
But you are always welcome to the list.
Donations are accepted via this link.

Donate the development of smfforum module for SMF 2.0

You can donate more then just $10 because it is only default amount in the link.

<a href="https://www.paypal.com/row/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_xclick&business=gor.martsen@gmail.com&currency_code=USD&amount=10&item_name=smfforum">Donate the development of smfforum module for SMF 2.0</a>

Any amount will help.

pomakk’s picture

i just donated ;) Желаю успехов

Raitsa’s picture

I just donated and living in hope here :)

MOD JASON’s picture

I just donated as well, please keep us updates as to the progress...

vb’s picture

Finished, just a day to test.
All donators wiil receive personally via email the package to test.
pomakk, Raitsa, MOD JASON please send me your email.
An official public cvs release wiil be only after the official smf 2.0 release.

robxu9’s picture

I have just donated :) keep up the good work!

MOD JASON’s picture

I have emailed vb however, he hasn't answered me.....any other word?

vb’s picture

Just have sent to all. If someone has donated but did not receive, please send me your email.

MOD JASON’s picture

Ok....there are two of us here, working on this, and we can't seem to make it work....are there install instructions forthcoming or did I miss something???? :-(

vb’s picture

The basic installation steps did not change. Readme and new install instructions are not ready.
But one of the testers here has already succeeded following the old ones with his module installation skills.

MOD JASON’s picture

Ok, I'll retrace my steps, but the is the error message I am getting....

Fatal error: Call to undefined function smf_api_session_begin() in /home1/kidokwan/public_html/sites/all/modules/smfforum/smfforum.admin.inc on line 89

vb’s picture

>Fatal error: Call to undefined function smf_api_session_begin()
it seems the module did not find api file. cannot guess not seeing the page and not knowing your paths.
May be you have entered the wrong smf path (maybe with trailing /) ???

wiciu’s picture

Your mod working like a charm :)
No errors.. and any problems.
Except notices in smf logs such us:

8: Undefined index: birthdate etc.

Drupal 6.16 <---> SMF 2.0 RC 3
Big thanx..

dzhu’s picture

Maybe it would be better to announce new release at http://vgb.org.ru/ and http://drupalbridge.org/ to find more beta testers? And add beta version to drupal.org package archives?

XerraX’s picture

Installed the module 6 hours ago. It seems to be running fine. The new theming function was a bit tricky.

pomakk’s picture

installed the module 2 days ago and working like a charm. ;) thnx

Observer123’s picture


hernani’s picture


XerraX’s picture

got a bug, if a user logs in via block, he gets redirected to /user/login?destination=logout

its in

function _smfforum_login_external

when i comment this, it works:

if (variable_get("smfforum_page_frame", 0) == '2') {
      $destination = _smfforum_get_destination();
      $url = $destination['url'];
abx’s picture

I had to set

define('SMF_PAGE', 'smfforum');


define('SMF_PAGE', 'forum');

Since the variable in configuration doesn't work as it should be.

fatcrobat’s picture

Just donated. Keep up your good work.
Hope to see the release version soon.


XerraX’s picture

I tried the "Drupal to SMF node submission" today.

1. There are no forums in the list when user wants to post a new discussion.


(with and without set include forum id)

2. As Admin you can choose the forum where to post the discussion, but then a WSOD:

[10-May-2010 12:13:15] PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare smtp_mail() in ...\www.domain.com\smf\Sources\Subs-Post.php on line 1353
pomakk’s picture

it seems there is a bug so you've to submit login twice to get logged on.

Fidelix’s picture

When can we see the 2.0 version released to the public?

Wonderful module, btw.

oeaton’s picture

Since money was donated to the development of the 2.0 version, can we get a status on the bugs above and some sign that this module is still being maintained?

Thank you

vb’s picture

Hi all

A couple of bugs were fixed.

Sync in content_profile, iframe mode did not run at all.

If you want to get it, write me a letter, I will send it.

I am waiting RC4 and final.


Fidelix’s picture

Its better to wait for RC4 or final, yes.
But cant you release it as a DEV so more interested people can help?

Isnt that the concept of Opensource?

Thank you for the hard work!

bryancasler’s picture


drumfreak’s picture

Version: 6.x-1.21 » 5.x-1.x-dev

I will donate

pomakk’s picture

No need to work about rc4 so rc3 still working without problems on smf 2 rc4.

vb’s picture

@drumfreak, thanks
@pomakk and all
yes, first impression it works in RC4

reader6911’s picture

How can I get this module ? I would try it on my site. (smf2.0 rc4 + drupal 6.19)

penyaskito’s picture

I have succesfully integrated Drupal with SMF 2.0 RC4.
Because of license issues, I have to ask for permission to the Simple Forums crew for distributing it.

Hope to give more info soon.

penyaskito’s picture

I have no feedback yet from SMF :(

tfmedia’s picture


Tolas’s picture

Really looking forward to this, hoping they reply back to you soon.
Is your integration going to work on Drupal 7 as well?


penyaskito’s picture

There are no changes to the module, so if D7 works with this module for SMF 1.1, it will work for SMF2.0RC4.

tfmedia’s picture

Forgive me, these license issues are over my head, is this the permission you requested?

I'd love to upgrade my forum to 2.0 before launching the new Drupal based site.

penyaskito’s picture

Half of them, I'm looking forward a mail from vb

vb’s picture

At the moment the current version of the smfforum module for SMF RC3-RC4 is not working with D7 (i am not tested but know what i should do for that) but it will be in the future releases.

Fidelix’s picture

penyaskito, how can we help? Sending what type of e-mail to the SMF crew?

penyaskito’s picture

Ok, it's ready:

Download the new API here: http://gitorious.org/smf_api_2/smf_api_2/archive-tarball/master
Put it on your SMF 2.0 RC4 forum root.
Configure smfforum module as usual.

Enjoy, and let me know if it works for you.

Fidelix’s picture

Thank you man!

Is this for D5 version or D6 version?

penyaskito’s picture

I've tested only with D6.

Josiv’s picture

@penyaskito THX man! works like charm! D6.2 - SMF 2.0 rc4

thegoof’s picture

Fresh install of Drupal 6.2 and Fresh install of SMF 2.0 rc4.. Everything seems to work, but getting the following error at the bottom of the main forum page:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare smf_db_query() (previously declared in /home/*/public_html/web/forum/smf_api_subs.php:76) in /home/*/public_html/web/forum/Sources/Subs-Db-mysql.php on line 373

* = ommited directory name

penyaskito’s picture


The smf_api_subs.php has to be at the root of the forum, not inside the Sources folder.

The location of those files should be something like:

Hope this helps.

thegoof’s picture

Maybe I'm not understanding how to set this up then.. I did the following after fresh installs of Drupal and SMF:

Placed the following files into the /forum root

Added the following to SMF root index.php file at the bottom of the file before the "?>" :
require_once (dirname(__FILE__) . '/smf_api_2.php');

I then enabled the module in Drupal and configured it and got all green successful bars. Then I went to the forum page and get the following error at the bottom of the page:
"Fatal error: Cannot redeclare smf_db_insert_id() (previously declared in /home/*/public_html/web/forum/Sources/Subs-Db-mysql.php:382) in /home/*/public_html/web/forum/smf_api_subs.php on line 39"

Did I miss a step or do a step incorrectly?

Users are syncing and I can use the forums, but I get that error at the bottom of the forums.

Also, I tried turning on the option to have the forums displayed within Drupal, but when I click the forum link, it doesn't frame within Drupal, it's just going straight to a new window with the forums.

All help is appreciated as this is an awesome module.

penyaskito’s picture

I have not modified the SMF index.php file. The

require_once (dirname(__FILE__) . '/smf_api_2.php');

is not needed AFAIK.

As I don't use the forum inside a frame, I cannot be of any help in that issue.

thegoof’s picture

Ok, I will try that then, was just following the README instructions included with the API download.

EDIT: Ok, not putting that line in the SMF index.php did the trick and everything is still working, thanks for your help!

penyaskito’s picture

@thegoof: Just for clarifying the documentation:
Why did you include that line? Was the line '3) Include smf_api_2.php in your php code' confusing?
Maybe the wording can be improved, it means that 'if your code uses the api, you should add the require'. That line is already included in the smfforum module.

cepiat’s picture

Hy , where i can find the new module for smf 2 integration.

I send a mail to vbr but i have no answer.

thanks a lot for you r help.

penyaskito’s picture

You can use the current module with the new API available here: http://gitorious.org/smf_api_2/smf_api_2/archive-tarball/master

pomakk’s picture

@cepiat, firstly you have to charge for use it.

@vb meanwhile drupal7 relaased, will our smf moduls work with new system ? Have you got a chance to check it out with drupal7 ?

ndstate’s picture

We are getting tons of undefined index errors, related to:

385:      $smf_user_info['id_member'] = $user_settings['id_member'];
386:      $smf_user_info['id'] = &$smf_user_info['id_member'];
387:      $smf_user_info['member_name'] = $user_settings['member_name'];
388:      $smf_user_info['real_name'] = $user_settings['real_name'];
389:      $smf_user_info['gender'] = $user_settings['gender'];
390:      $smf_user_info['birthdate'] = $user_settings['birthdate'];
391:      $smf_user_info['location'] = $user_settings['location'];
392:      $smf_user_info['signature'] = $user_settings['signature'];
393:      $smf_user_info['icq'] = $user_settings['icq'];
394:      $smf_user_info['aim'] = $user_settings['aim'];
395:      $smf_user_info['yim'] = $user_settings['yim'];
396:      $smf_user_info['msn'] = $user_settings['msn'];
397:      $smf_user_info['usertitle'] = $user_settings['usertitle'];
398:      $smf_user_info['personal_text'] = $user_settings['personal_text'];
399:      $smf_user_info['website_title'] = $user_settings['website_title'];
400:      $smf_user_info['website_url'] = $user_settings['website_url'];
401:      $smf_user_info['password_salt'] = $user_settings['password_salt'];
402:      $smf_user_info['is_activated'] = $user_settings['is_activated']; 

Any ideas?

penyaskito’s picture

What do you have in smfforum module settings, in the 'Profile fields mapping' section?
In which file have you found that code you pasted?

What versions of the module, SMF, and the api are you using?

ndstate’s picture

Hi @penyaskito

Below are the profile fields as mapped, I believe these are defaults..?

Name of `name` field: profile_name
Name of `gender` field: profile_gender
Name of `birthdate` field: profile_birthdate
Name of `personal_text` field: profile_personal_text
Name of `usertitle` field: profile_usertitle
Name of `location` field: profile_location
Name of `icq` field: profile_icq
Name of `aim` field: profile_aim
Name of `yim` field: profile_yim
Name of `msn` field: profile_msn
Name of `website_title` field: profile_website_title
Name of `website_url` field: profile_website_url

I found the errors in the SMF error log, they relate to: sites/all/modules/smfforum/includes/smf_api_2.php

SMF: 2.0RC4
smfforum.info,v 1.4
api: 2.0-RC3.0.1


ndstate’s picture

Perhaps I just need to match the profile fields with the name of the fields in sites/all/modules/smfforum/includes/smf_api_2.php ??

pomakk’s picture

This module seems not to work with php 5.3

penyaskito’s picture

Test with this ones:

penyaskito’s picture

I'm using it with PHP 5.3. What is the concrete problem that you have?

pomakk’s picture

I have just updated my container's php from 5.2.17 to 5.3.6 after update there exist an authorization problem. When i try to logout from portal (drupal) it gives "Access denied" error.

penyaskito’s picture

And the dblog or the apache log? Any hints there?

pomakk’s picture


pomakk’s picture

Forum Stats block doesnt work.

Unlimited’s picture

It looks like SMF 2.0 final has just been released. Will there be a full update soon?

(Is this plugin still being maintained?)

penyaskito’s picture

The module works at is, the only changes that you need are at the API level.

The API at https://gitorious.org/smf_api_2 should work with SMF 2.0, but last version I tried with was SMF 2.0 RC5.

Today I've been contacted by SMF devs saying that this API will be included in the SMF CMS Bridges download section in their website.
Let me know if this works for you.

Unlimited’s picture

Thanks, I've not done the upgrade yet but intend to soon. Ideally I'd have liked to move to Drupal 7, but this module is a deal-breaker for my website. Glad to know I can still roll out SMF 2 in the meantime.

gumdrop’s picture

Any word on this project?

Edsel’s picture

Check here

It works for Drupal 7 - SMF 2.0 RC4 integration.

mattbk’s picture

Issue summary: View changes

This doesn't seem to work for me, I keep getting "unexpected error" in Drupal.

In the log:
"Recoverable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in _smfforum_set_user_data() (line 1561 of /home/xxxxxx/public_html/yyyyyy/sites/all/modules/smfforum/smfforum.module)."